Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Sono Otoko, Maou?! Vol.1 BLCD+NOVEL

Sono Otoko, Maou!?

Original Novel by 葵ゆきの (Aoi Yukino)

Illustrator:わたなべあじあ (Watanabe Asia) 

Company: Selfish-Sloth 

Release Date: 2007/08/19 (Vol.1),
                       2007/12/30 (Vol.2) 

 立川水穂:岸尾だいすけ (Kishio Daisuke)
 泰昭(魔王):一条和矢 (Ichijou Kazuya)

Summary: Mizuho Tachikawa, 22 years old, a typical salary man, is bothered everyday by molesters inside and outside his office. Until the day a mysterious man appeared, Yasuaki, and called Mizuho as his bride... All starts with a memory from when he was a child...