Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Arisugawake no Hanayome BLCD+NOVEL

Arisugawake no Hanayome 

Author: Yukishiro Marie
Seiyuu: Koyasu Takehito X Takeuchi Ken= Arisugawa Homare X Manou Akira
Hirakawa Daisuke = Kamio
Chiba Susumu = Kudou / Arisugawa Shinya 
The Plot:
Akira become Homare's bride to replace his sister until she come back or being found. Homare slowly staterd to be kind toward Akira and care about him. Homare also started talking about himself to Akira. When Homare found out he will leave him after his find his sister, furious, told him that his sister already died and raped him, after that Akira suffers fever because of shock. One day, Akira walking and singing in the yard, met his teacher. His teacher told him about his true name is Arisugawa Shinya, Homare's older brother, because some problems, he left Arisugawa household and used his mother name, Kudou. His teacher wanted to take him away from Arisugawa Household but Akira hesistated and told him he didn't want to leave Homare. In that moment when Homare appeared to take Akira back, a stranger came and stabbed him; Homare said to Akira he didn't want him to go away, after that Homare fainted. In the end Akira stayed beside Homare.